Meet Chi

My name is Chi (pronounced Chee) or Chibuzor Nneamaka Isiogu. Whew - that’s a mouthful!  Chibuzor in Igbo (Nigerian language) means "my guiding spirit goes before me." 

Appropriately, I believe energy (chi) is at the heart of living. I love putting my energy into glass because it is unpredictable; it’s the hard yet fragile contradiction that means something to me.  It's also very therapeutic to break things, especially glass. :)

I love all art and I'm learning new techniques and styles all the time and am so grateful to our local artists community for their support, encouragement, constructive (and sometimes destructive) criticism. No really, they’re great!

Although it's not politically correct to have a favorite child, my baby glass mosaic projects are my most beloved.  The entire brainstorming, planning and creative process with a client is simply a blast.  Seeing how happy a completed piece makes people, and knowing that it's part of their home, office, or garden makes me fulfilled.  That, and the recognition and the compensation are also magical.

Don't get me wrong, my tiny attention span needs tons of variety, so creating  unique stained glass windows  are necessary for my "sanity." 

I live in Phoenix with my loving and, also eccentric husband, Matthew, and our two fur babies.  I feel so lucky to have a home studio in our little urban oasis.