Art & Learning

Mosaic Murals

I specialize in custom mosaic artwork for the home, office, or garden.  Each piece is 100% unique and handmade.  Mosaics can be created for indoor or outdoor applications using stained glass, tiles, or found objects.  Share your ideas or let me do the work!

Wall & Garden Art

Looking to decorate a room or spruce up your garden?  I make mosaic wall art as large or small panels that are easy to hang or install. Or request a stained glass sun-catcher,  garden sculpture, or mosaic stepping stones.

Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows can make a dramatic statement or subtly elevate your space depending on the design, hues, and transparencies you choose.  I offer free quotes so don't be shy!  Be part of the artistic process and create your dream windows.

Workshops & Events

Do you need a workshop for a group of people or an event?  I offer hourly and day rates and bring my own materials to your house or venue. Workshops are great for team building, parties, clubs, and anyone interested in having fun while creating their own stained glass and mosaic artwork.

Private Lessons

Interested in learning all about glass and making your own unique creations?  I teach private lessons  for individuals and small groups.  Instruction includes materials, project ideas, and lots of fun.  Follow me on social media for announcements about classes at local art spaces.


Q: Do you sell ready made stained glass and mosaic art?

A: Yes! Check my social media for upcoming art show dates!

Q: Do you have a storefront or sell supplies?

A: I do not.  I create out of a home studio.